Tom Bourgeois ‘Rumeurs’: a new one-shot video clip ‘Sweet370’!

Last March, under the direction of director Patricia Delso Lucas, we shot a video clip in a single sequence shot with my 11tet ‘Rumeurs’.

The musicians and actors played live in a single take, without any post-editing: quite a technical challenge!

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The track is a ‘tribute’ to the building I’ve lived in for over 10 years.
Many artists/musicians have lived there or simply spent a few days there between 2 tours. So the ‘Sweet370’ video is a little nod to the house that continues to inspire me.

I imagined the story of the (real) owner coming to visit his artist tenants …

Musicians :
Harcsa Veronika / Thomas Mayade / Quinten De Craecker / Esinam Dogbaste / Thibault Dille /Florent Jeunieaux / Ruben Verbruggen / Victor Foulon / Jelle Van Giel / Dorian Dumont / Tom Bourgeois

Filmed at Queens Brussels


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