Tom Bourgeois

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Tom Bourgeois

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Tom Bourgeois
[ Murmures ] & [ Rumeurs ]

“Chamber Jazz”

Tom Bourgeois embarks for the first time on a double album as a leader and composer. Each track highlights the formation in the form of a duo, trio or quartet, to explore the richness of sound. The bewitching timbres of voice, saxophone, guitar, and accordion bring a poetic, soft and melancholic atmosphere.

Line-up :

[ Murmures ]

Tom Bourgeois [saxes, bass clarinet, compositions & arrangements]
Lois Le Van [voice]
Thibault Dille [accordion]
Florent Jeunieaux [guitars]

[ Rumeurs ]

Tom Bourgeois [saxophones, bass clarinet, composition, arrangements]
Florent Jeunieaux [guitar]
Thibault Dille [accordion]
Jelle Van Giel [drums]
Victor Foulon [double bass]
Dorian Dumont [piano]
Thomas Mayade [trumpet]
Quinten De Craecker [trombone]
Esinam Dogbatse [flute, percussion]
Ruben Verbruggen [saxophones]
Veronika Harcsa [voice]

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Murmures Studio Konzert “La radio dans la Tête”
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Murmures Studio-Konzert “Jeff3”
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Tom Bourgeois Murmures Capsule #3
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Tom Bourgeois Murmures Capsule #1


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