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“Acoustic pop with world music accents”

Belcirque‘s music, full of wonder and colour, takes you on a journey into their very own world, far removed from the everyday. You’ll hear influences from swing, folk and pop.

Belcirque is made up of six girls and one boy and offers acoustic pop with a world music flavour, bringing together vocal harmonies, brass, guitars, bass and percussion to create a magical whole. Belcirque offers a delicate blend of voices singing in English, French and Spanish.

The group is currently preparing a new album for release in early 2025; their current discography includes the 3 albums ‘Boîte de Carton’ (2014), ‘The Tallest Man’ (2018) and the most recent ‘La Grande Fête’ (2021).

Line-up :

Kris Auman [double bass & electric bass]
Ondine Cantineau [vocals & acoustic guitar]
Astrid Creve [lead vocals]
Julia Emmery [vocals & trombone]
Seraina De Block [vocals & trumpet]
Marijke Hellemans [lead guitar & ukulele]
Yves Peeters [percussion]

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Vocal session [Live]
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“Locura” [Live]



New collaboration: Welcome to BELCIRQUE!

To accompany the release of their fourth album, So What? Productions is delighted to be working with this astonishingly melodic group.
Belcirque is made up of six girls and one boy, and offers us acoustic pop with a world music flavour

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