Steve Houben [Unfixed]

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Steve Houben [Unfixed]

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Houben - Jacobs - Pougin
[ Unfixed ]

“Eclectic and refined jazz”

The adventure has only just begun and continues. Always. 3 generations, 3 styles of men: the one who passes the thumb so quickly, the one who has captured the soul of a snare drum, the one who slowly backs up to the back door and makes his cry heard. The trout are so lively, the lambs have tended their ears to the tunes of the transhumance and the boa has slept a prime number of days. Now here are three brothers whose instincts are watching and singing. Heraclitus of Ephesus warned us: “You never bathe in the same river twice. Likewise, the melody and the fugue, the flute, the dulcimer and the drum. There are many sources, which one can claim the name of the great river? The Exocet has its ears spread when the Virgins appear at the zenith of the Tropic of Cancer! Listen up…

Line-up :

Steve Houben [alto saxophone]
Johan Jacobs [piano]
Stephan Pougin [percussion]

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Steve Houben et Johan Dupont – Enfance



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