Steve Houben [Arkhane]

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Steve Houben [Arkhane]

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Houben - Wissels - De Haas
[Arkhane ]

“A simulating groove”

The present, forever stumbling over its past, has seen fit to reunite a mythical trio from the new Belgian jazz scene of 30 years ago. Just as with wine, certain subtle blends improve with time.

To the open compositions, born from the very refined and bewitching world that Diederik Wissels proposes, Jan de Haas and myself respond by reacting to the heat in order to generate, all together, a kind of perpetual movement, a stimulating and impacting groove! “Steve Houben

Line-up :

Steve Houben [alto saxophone]
Diederik Wissels [piano]
Jan de Haas [drums]

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“Arkhane, Jazzstation, Brussels #1”
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“Arkhane, Jazzstation, Brussels #2”


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