Jimmy Bonesso

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Jimmy Bonesso

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Jimmy Bonesso
[ Cité Moderne ]

“Jazz – Film Music”

Combining film music and classical music, “Cité Moderne” is a multi-inspired instrumental show that brings together eight musicians on stage.
Based on an original score composed and arranged by Jimmy Bonesso, the project tells the story of our world today through music that is descriptive and accessible to all audiences.

CD [ Cité Moderne ] 2020

Line-up :

Jimmy Bonesso [piano, compositions]
Max Charue [percussion]
Erik Demaseure [saxophone]
Camille Bughin [violin I]
Pierre Vopat [violin II]
Xavier Timmermans [viola]
Alexandre Bughin [cello]
Ruben Lamo [cdouble bass]

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Jimmy Bonesso – No Sun, No Fun !
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Jimmy Bonesso – Teaser  Cité Moderne


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