Diab Quintet

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Diab Quintet

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Diab Quintet
[ Orlando ]

“An energetic show where nostalgia and melancholy go hand in hand with pleasure and freedom”

A show where energy, nostalgia and melancholy go hand in hand with pleasure and freedom.
Jonathan De Neck, in the role of leader, offers enchanting melodies and catchy rhythms that mix folk music, world music, jazz, classical music and improvisation With two albums to their credit ‘Fourmilières’ in 2013 and ‘Seagull Tango’ in 2016, the Diab Quintet has quickly gained maturity on stage. A third album ‘Orlando’ will be released in 2021.
The compositions are enhanced by subtle arrangements that allow each musician to bring out their personality.

CD ‘Orlando’ [2021]

Line-up :

Jonathan De Neck [compositions, diatonic accordion, arrangements]
Esinam Dogbatse [flute, percussion]
Sébastien Taminiau [violin]
Corentin Dellicour [cello]
Rui Salgado [double basse]

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Maple Leave
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Orlando’s Flower
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Diab Quintet – live


Polk Trio
Polk Trio


As part of the season opening of the Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne in Marche-en-Famenne, don’t miss the first concert of POLK TRIO on 23 September 2022 at 8.30 pm!

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