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Whocat in August 2019: Esperanzah ! and Gaume Jazz Festival

You will first meet them on Saturday, August 3 on the Alpha stage at 3pm and on Friday, August 9 in the evening in the tent at the Gaume Jazz Festival.

A particularly engaging transversal theme: “Women of Jazz”

Rhoda Scott & her Lady Quartet, Eve Beuvens, Lynn Cassiers, Anne Wolf, Eva Fernandez, Marie Fikry, Naïssam Jalal, Sarah Moonen, Belcirque, Esinam, …here is a particularly original panel to access female musical worlds.             

welcome to The Mister Green Shoes Show !

Don’t miss this special event : Perry Rose AKA the Mister Green Shoes  with a lot of guests on Centre culturel de Huy.

“During this evening, I will be surrounded by wonderful musicians, actors and friends whom I am fortunate enough to know and with whom I work, study, discover, travel for some time now… We will also meet some great new people.

Perry Rose (vocals, guitar, percussion), Isabelle Nanty, Madame – Valérie Zaccomer (vocals), Rachel Ponsonby (vocals, flutes…), Laure Saupique, Hugh Coltman (vocals), Frankie Rose (guitar), Alain Pire (guitar, vocals), Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion), Jonathan De Neck (diatonic accordion), Fredo Zupi (violin), Santo Scinta (drums), Éric Drabs (guitar), Éric Legnini (keyboards), Greg Houben (trumpet), Michel Massot (tuba), Didier Dessers (keyboards, guitar, percussion), Benoît Poncin (bass), René Stock (bass, double bass), John Mayard (sound), Grégoire Busine (lighting), and many others

Check out the new music video for ‘One Of A Kind’

We proudly present our new music video for the single ‘One Of A Kind‘! It’s another fine collaboration with the talented scenarist Iwona Pom & the Whocat audiovisual dreamteam 🙂

This track is part of our new album ‘Joyful Rebellion’, to be released on 15th of March. Stay tuned & join the bus for the upcoming album release tour!

All Good’ is the first single from Whocat’s upcoming album Joyful Rebellion (release March 2019)

On the pulse of our metropolis, the song bursts through the Brussels kaleidoscope. It is the home city of this creative band, who swirl around singer and musician Sara Moonen. The Whocat palette is as vibrant as the Brussels spectrum. Through the ‘All Good’ melodies we can hear echoes of the positive message, ‘it’s all good in the brother-and-sisterhood’: it’s an ode to a society boasting diversity! ‘All Good’ is an absolute feel-fine track, viewed through the lenses of director Iwona Pom and cameraman Bert Minnen.

11 October 2018 : Join us for the official CD release party !

Broché – Pirotton – Cirri
Kartinka Kартинка  (Pictures at an exhibition)

11 October 2018 8:30 PM
Cellule 133 – Avenue Ducpétiaux 133 A – 1060 Saint-Gilles

Cécile Broché : electric violin & voice
Jacques Pirotton : guitar
Antoine Cirri : drums & electronics
Moussorgski’s originals, orchestrated in time by Maurice Ravel, find here a brilliant and contemporary outlook.

CLOSE UP 5 : New album ‘Instants’ presentation

Don´t miss out on the opportunity to listen to CLOSE UP 5 latest album ‘Instants’ at Le Rideau  Rouge, Lasnes on the 30th of November.


Five musicians, some from spheres apart, unite for this new project of Claude Evence Janssens, a musical creation where lyricism and fantasy prevail.

Aside from catchy tracks like “Jasm” or “Il y a des soirs”, built on an almost linear framework, most of the pieces are tightly composed and full of surprising twists. The album is a succession of stories, told in ten sequences, where each musician exchanges points of view, to the rhythm of occasionally astonishing detours (“Walking Through The Flow”, “Dancing Among The Crowd” or the excellent “Vagues”)

Like the opening credits to a film, the album gets underway with a luminous blues –slightly reminiscent of Gershwin- before embarking us on what proves to be a refreshing road-movie. For, not content with exploring just one region of jazz, the group gives us whiffs of other fragrances, Latin, Argentine, Hispanic and even Slav.

The trumpet of Michel Paré, now bright, now mellow, weaves itself artfully in between the trombone or bass clarinet lines of Claude Evence Janssens who instills subtle atmospheres tinged with mystery, lyricism, nostalgia and the occasional fever (“Hymn To Lost Causes, for example). On piano, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven brings a classical element which gives arresting counterpoint to the themes or, on the contrary, marries itself with grace and elegance to the sinuous song of the clarinet. Also noteworthy is the excellent work of double bass-player Félix Zurtrassen (a magnificent solo in “Vagues”) who ensures with Jérôme Baudart (on drums) a stable and very effective rhythmic backing.

With this album, Close Up 5 has fun picking buds from diverse musical fields and arranging them in a sweetly perfumed, coherent and very personal bouquet.

Jacques Prouvost

Translated by Jeffrey Grice