welcome to The Mister Green Shoes Show !

Don’t miss this special event : Perry Rose AKA the Mister Green Shoes  with a lot of guests on Centre culturel de Huy.

“During this evening, I will be surrounded by wonderful musicians, actors and friends whom I am fortunate enough to know and with whom I work, study, discover, travel for some time now… We will also meet some great new people.

Perry Rose (vocals, guitar, percussion), Isabelle Nanty, Madame – Valérie Zaccomer (vocals), Rachel Ponsonby (vocals, flutes…), Laure Saupique, Hugh Coltman (vocals), Frankie Rose (guitar), Alain Pire (guitar, vocals), Didier Laloy (diatonic accordion), Jonathan De Neck (diatonic accordion), Fredo Zupi (violin), Santo Scinta (drums), Éric Drabs (guitar), Éric Legnini (keyboards), Greg Houben (trumpet), Michel Massot (tuba), Didier Dessers (keyboards, guitar, percussion), Benoît Poncin (bass), René Stock (bass, double bass), John Mayard (sound), Grégoire Busine (lighting), and many others