CLOSE UP 5 : New album ‘Instants’ presentation

Don´t miss out on the opportunity to listen to CLOSE UP 5 latest album ‘Instants’ at Le Rideau  Rouge, Lasnes on the 30th of November.


Five musicians, some from spheres apart, unite for this new project of Claude Evence Janssens, a musical creation where lyricism and fantasy prevail.

Aside from catchy tracks like “Jasm” or “Il y a des soirs”, built on an almost linear framework, most of the pieces are tightly composed and full of surprising twists. The album is a succession of stories, told in ten sequences, where each musician exchanges points of view, to the rhythm of occasionally astonishing detours (“Walking Through The Flow”, “Dancing Among The Crowd” or the excellent “Vagues”)

Like the opening credits to a film, the album gets underway with a luminous blues –slightly reminiscent of Gershwin- before embarking us on what proves to be a refreshing road-movie. For, not content with exploring just one region of jazz, the group gives us whiffs of other fragrances, Latin, Argentine, Hispanic and even Slav.

The trumpet of Michel Paré, now bright, now mellow, weaves itself artfully in between the trombone or bass clarinet lines of Claude Evence Janssens who instills subtle atmospheres tinged with mystery, lyricism, nostalgia and the occasional fever (“Hymn To Lost Causes, for example). On piano, Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven brings a classical element which gives arresting counterpoint to the themes or, on the contrary, marries itself with grace and elegance to the sinuous song of the clarinet. Also noteworthy is the excellent work of double bass-player Félix Zurtrassen (a magnificent solo in “Vagues”) who ensures with Jérôme Baudart (on drums) a stable and very effective rhythmic backing.

With this album, Close Up 5 has fun picking buds from diverse musical fields and arranging them in a sweetly perfumed, coherent and very personal bouquet.

Jacques Prouvost

Translated by Jeffrey Grice